Monday, April 3, 2017

Genius Lounge

Our Genius Club was open for business the whole month of March. Prior to this, students have been learning about robots and technology tools.The club consists of students from grades 4-6, in total, 50 students are part of the Genius Club. Students were tasked with teaching their teachers how to use robots. Not only were robots the focus, but also digital tools like green screen, stop motion, powtoons, and coding. Students took this role very seriously and were effective in getting teachers engaged and excited to try things in their classroom.

Our vision, as leaders in this area, was to continue to build the capacity around using these digital tools in the classroom. Our thinking was that if teachers were learning from students, it would feel less intimidating and the focus is taken away from the teacher and put on the student. The teacher can rest assured that they do not need to have all the answers, but that students will help them learn along the way.

 In May, during our Board Education week, the Genius Club will once again place host, but this time to the parent community.

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