Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Beginning to Build Capacity

Last Monday we followed our plan in beginning to build capacity in our school. Our 3 colleagues were invited to join a mixed grade 2 and 6 stem challenge afternoon. They had the opportunity to ask questions and hands on experiences with the robotics. As the 3 lead teachers, we were able to support by answering questions, modelling and generating ideas for curriculum links.

After 75 minutes of stem challenges, our three colleagues had the opportunity to begin making specific curriculum links around the Arts and French as a Second Language (primary/junior). As they developed their own task cards they had questions around the following topics:

  • Specific apps to use 
  • Accessibility to apps/ iPads, 
  • Brainstorming possible challenges in the classroom, 
  • Challenges with different curriculum areas,
  • Language accessibility- what apps could be used in French? 
Even though we limited the number of robots and activities we selected, it was still overwhelming for those new on board. As a result, at the end of planning for that afternoon, they suggested more planning time around the development and implementation of their task. Our next meeting has been pushed back by a week in order to allow some think time. It was important to reiterate even a small task would be sufficient.

A. Eaton, P. Roche, A. Porcari

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