Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Leadership Development

Capacity building within our school is continuing to move forward. Our colleagues developed task cards around French and the Arts. We were blown away by the enthusiasm in which the teachers and students approached these tasks. All task cards really leveraged digital and promoted the 6 C's. Take a look at what they came up with:

Task: Create a Haiku and use scratch to code the animations to go with your poem.

" All students had an access point, English Language Learners could do it, and those with more programming experience went further with animation" (Heather Blackmore)

Task: An international students is coming to visit your family in Canada to study french. Make a video introducing yourself.

Task: Using Google Expeditions and Google Cardboard, one student takes on the role of tour guide and one student, the role of tourist. Students will have the opportunity to digitally walk through the House of Commons, and the space station.

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